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Hidden Gems in Jaco – Marea Baja & Rustico

Costa Rica Travel News – I wanted to start doing an article a couple of times a week on little things that are located in the Jaco & Hermosa area that you do not normally see in the travel guide and tourists should experience at least once while they are here.  For me they are now a part of my daily life in the area.

Jaco-Beach-Rustico-Restaurant 1When it comes to eating out in Jaco and Hermosa the places that come to mind for most people are Graffiti, Los Amigos, Lemon Zest, Papparazi, The Pizza Shop, Tsunami Sushi and others on the main strip in Jaco. (If i failed to mention a restaurant it is not because I do not think you are good). They are great restaurants and offer a wide variety of foods to satiate your pallet.

Living on a a limited income in Costa Rica, means that going out to many of these places is something done on a special occasion. I know that I am unable to spend the cash necessary to enjoy these places every night of the week. So began the search for dining out in the area on a budget.

After being shown around to various places my two favorites are Marea Baja and Rustico.

Rustico is located in Jaco on the same road as Hicaco a fine dining restaurant located on the beach. Marea Baja is located on the main highway into Jaco. The best way to tell you directions to Marea Baja is take the road next to Los Amigos all the way to the highway and hook a left.  After you pass the small bridge it is almost immediately on your left.

Basically all day there is a line for both of these restaurants. They are buffet style with a choice of beans, rice, gallo pinto and plantains. Then you will choose as many meats as you want out of the selection they have.  One than one meat is extra but not that much more.  Top it off with one of several types of salad.

I am not doing a very good job of making you crave the food, I know.

All of the food at these places tastes as if it were made in a Costa Rican kitchen at home and is truly a taste of what is served on a daily basis in many of the homes in Costa Rica.

The best part is that the plates are about $5 to $6 and will fill you up for the entire afternoon or day in some cases.

Check them out on facebook and eat on a budget in Costa Rica. The locals already do, you should too.

Marea Baja Facebook Page

Rustico Facebook Page

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