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Hidden Cameras Capture Costa Rica Biodiversity

Costa Rica News – Biodiversity in various parts of Costa Rica is captured by trap cameras. The success has succeeded expectations.

The videos show 38 of the 52 terrestrial mammal species that can be expected in the lower part of Tico forests.

All the feline species inhabiting the area were captured on film. The puma appeared in the trap camera photos of nine conservation areas. We found out the jaguar lives in the Cano Negro Mixed Refuge, which wasn’t known before.

The cameras are inside and outside wild protected areas. They were placed between November 2015 and July 2016.

The cameras work by being activated by heat or movement.

45 park rangers and 130 volunteer firefighters, youth, tourists, guides and others helped go through the findings of 77 trap cameras, 7 per conservation area (but 4 were stolen!).

In just nine months, 73% of the total species living there were seen.

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