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Hey Mon! Ghosts & the Supernatural in Jamaica

Ghosts & Paranormal Activity – As we continue with this journal, I will most likely leave out the days, because I will soon be on ‘island time’ and when you are on island time, you get your days all mixed up. Finally at Montego Bay….here it comes. Time to be ripped off by a taxi driver. As savvy as I might try to be, I still got ripped off. Ugh! Meet Donald Johnson, Tour Operator and Taxi Driver. I discover a two way trip from Montego Bay to Negril – Negril to Montego Bay should ONLY cost $100.00. Donald of course charges me $110.00 ONE WAY! Again, I got slammed dunk! I DO NOT recommend Donald to anyone. Try to have your transportation prepared when arriving in Jamaica.

As I arrive to Firefly – Secret Cabins, I am given a grand tour by the manager. I love my cabin, very comfy and quaint. If I want to utilize the restrooms and showers, they are outside. The restroom and showers are very clean and as I take a shower, I am exposed to the world, except for a small little door that covers the essential parts of my body, so no one is shocked! And..yes..the beach is a 1 minute walk!! At the beach is several bars, so the pina coladas are willing and ready to set you in the mood for a festive time and also for a relaxing time in paradise.

As I stay at the Firefly, I learn that every day on the beach you are solicited for something. Such as: “You want some ganja mon?” Ganja is marijuana. Nah, don’t smoke it. Then they say: “You have long hair mon, you must smoke!” Sorry, just because I have long hair, does not mean I smoke ganja. Then being a single guy…”hey, mon, I can get you sum Jamaican pooooo—!!” No, I don’t need any help in finding Jamaican poooo—-. But, besides that type of soliciting, you can buy an assortment of fruit, lobster, fish, drinks, clothes, souvenirs, etc.


One of the investigations I worked on as requested by Shannon McCabe and one of my investigators Deborah Baughman is the White Witch of Jamaica. Because of the people around me during this tour, I was not able to obtain any EVPs. I am not psychic, but you feel the heaviness of depression around Rose Hall. It’s because the White Witch known as Annie Palmer ran this huge sugar plantation in the 1700s. She was born in France and was petite, beautiful and only 4 feet tall. She longed to be in France and found hardship in Jamaica. With that hardship came cruelty and torture. She was feared by the slaves she owned. If she had sex with one of the slaves, his days were numbered, he was headed for an execution. Annie ruled with an iron fist and enjoyed performing public whippings. She would torture some of her slaves in her dungeon. The slaves taught her voodoo, which included human sacrifice. The human sacrifice included infants, in which she would grind up their bones to create magic. Interviewing Camille Kerry-Ann Thompson O’Donnell, she tells me that Obeah is popular with some of the natives of Jamaica, while Voodoo is popular in Haiti. Obeah utilizes animal blood, while Voodoo utilizes animal blood, human blood and human baby skin. Human baby skin can be used as papyrus to write messages of magic on. Babies are known to be missing in many parts of Haiti. In Voodoo, their are potions to keep a man or even to kill a man.

According to Michael Watson, a gentleman I met at the Firefly with his beautiful wife Kay Watson told me more about Annie Palmer. He says that Annie Palmer killed 5 of her husbands, she had a slave strangle to death one of her husbands, she poisoned another, she drove one husband mad and he jumped out of a window to his death. Another one, she placed a hex on and it lead to his untimely death. Another husband, she had a slave stab him to death. The last husband she discovered he had an affair with a female slave and that is something she did not tolerate, it was okay for her to have an affair with a slave, but not any of her husbands. I also, learn that fixing a person aka passing a ‘blow’ is actually cursing that person in Voodoo!

Michael and Kay Watson come to Jamaica all the time. They are familiar with all of the locals and they meet old time friends that also frequent Jamaica on a yearly PLANTATION2basis.  Michael tells me that there is a Jamaican White Witch of the East, she is Errol Flynn’s wife Patrice. She is known to work her employees hard and is relentless in monitoring their hard labor on her property. She is also known not to pay them at times and that they must battle her in courts to get the money due to them. She is known to be outrageously mean. I had some Jamaicans try and tell me their ghost stories, but when they speak ‘Pattawa’, it is very difficult to understand them. Pattawa is broken English spoken very fast. Michael and Kay give away many things to the natives. So far they have given away a massage table, clothes, soap and tool sets. They enjoy seeing the smiles on the natives faces, as they are given things that they can use in their everyday lives.


Another vacationer I meet is Necia Plummer. She tells me that she is from Northeastern Indiana and she once moved into a home that was 100 years old. She would hear megaphone ragtime music play in that home. She learned that a mean old man lived in the home and he had died of cancer. She once saw a figure of a man at the foot of her bed and she could see on the apparition the face of a cancer ridden man. She would smell patulli essence in the home. A picture she had of her father and son, would disappear and reappear many times over. The picture was often found later under a floor rug. Her son would have night terrors in this home. Her deceased father would also visit her at this home, perhaps her deceased father’s visit was to protect her from the mean old man ghost. She would smell her father’s cologne throughout the house, the smell of Stetson cologne. Necia will always remember this home, she also wants me to check out Blood Road in Indiana, because on some nights the road looks like blood and has the reputation of being haunted. Necia tells me that she has psychic abilities. Her sister moved and just by driving around, she was able to locate her sister’s home by simply using her intuition. She has a strong connection with dolphins and she remembers how she was on a boat and a dolphin swam up to her and greeted her. A dolphin lead her to witness the birth of a dolphin.

As I explored the island, I was amazed at all of the wild goats and the goats that are pets for the natives of the island. There are banana trees everywhere and there are lizards everywhere. I found lizards all around my cabin, they were adorable.


ghosts by bedStacy and Sohidie are native Jamaicans. They tell me their ghost story.

Stacy: While in the town of Newton, Stacy was visiting some friends on a hill. Stacy and her friends were celebrating Nine Night, a party for the deceased. While she was walking home by her grandmother’s property singing Dirty Wine, she went into a trance. She can’t explain why she went into a trance, but she did. She felt an evil entity that would not allow her to pass. She then smelled something sweet in the air. She started chanting and felt the entity sweep up behind her. She kept chanting positive things and the entity finally allowed her to pass.

Sohidie: When she came to the town of Newton, she lived with her grandfather. One night her grandfather left the home to visit a friend. She was all alone in the home. When she fell asleep on her grandfather’s bed, the sheet was violently pulled off of her. She pulled the sheet back on top of her. She woke up and heard maniacal laughing. She then saw 3 old ladies (ghosts) standing around the bed. She ran in the bathroom, scared to death. She later realized that the 3 ladies were her mom, that died when she was 11 1/2 years old, her grandfather’s deceased wife and her deceased aunt that died in 2008. She was so scared that night, she ran into the next bedroom and jumped in bed with her two sons. She now thinks that the deceased family members meant no harm to her and were laughing in a positive way and were pleased at her well-being and how she grew up to be a beautiful woman and a mother to her children.

Sohidie – When she was pregnant 8 1/2 months, she dreamed that she saw her cousin’s father, but discovered it was not a dream, but an actual ghost in her room. She saw her cousin’s father standing over her and he had the shiniest gold teeth she ever saw. The ghost played with her feet and the ghost said: “If you continue to keep getting pregnant, I will kill the next baby!” After she saw the ghost of her family member, the guys that she would go out with, seemed to be cursed, because every one of them would get bitten by a centipede. The curse has finally ended.

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
HPI (Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence) International!/groups/HPIinternational/

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