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Heredia Wins First Leg of the Soccer Championship

The Heredia (located just out side of San Jose, Costa Rica) soccer team overcame tremendous deficit yesterday and took a vital step toward the coveted title that they have been denied from for many years.  The team took a huge step forward with a 2 goal win at their home stadium.

A difference of two goals does not ensure anything, however, is a does give a good cushion to prepare the return leg.

The team responded and Santos did not spare the time just as it deserved. With guts and heart was it turned to a party that had become dark for a long time that invoked this sense of  “again …”.

However, there was Jose Carlos Cancela and pieces. There was Victor Nunez and his unfailing eye for the goal.

Both were the architects of the entourage of fans red and yellow not go home cursing their luck again and rather leave the stadium with money in hand to buy tickets to next Saturday’s game.

The courageous way with the environment faced by the end, the solid block planted, Santos is set to counter. All weapons can be vital for a comeback in his own backyard.

You do not have to be very clever to know that Santos gave the game to Heredia.

Yes it did Osvaldo Rodríguez Santos in the first that took the visitors.

Heredia stadium atmosphere moved at an incredible rate. But strangely, familiar.

However, this flurry of goals would that make this end is one of the most colorful in the Costa Rican football in a while.

Cancela started throwing passes right and left and went in the first and second goal of their own, marked by José Miguel Cubero and Nunez, respectively.

Both served to restore oxygen to the redoubt.

But to not stay out of the party, he scored another to produce delirium and promote the imbalance that took place in the closing minutes of the meeting.

The last goal of Nunez merely served to blow the madness and make the dreams of holding machined both florenses have been saved.

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