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Herbalife Fined in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – The National Consumer Commission, part of the Ministry of Economy, has fined Herbalife ¢2.5 million.

This is for allegedly providing incorrect information about their vitamin and weight loss supplements to their customers.

The case was submitted on November 16th but the parties were notified just last week. The fine is established because certain products say the number of servings but when the included spoon is used there are far fewer servings.

One example is supposed to have 40 servings but actually has just 26. Another says 22 but yields just 14.

The sanction corresponds to 10 minimum wages at the time the facts were collected.

Herbalife International Costa Rica has appealed the resolution, a process that is still open.

Herbalife communicates that the resolution is not final and the company insists that its information is accurate and legal.

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