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Help Fund Special Needs Orphanage in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Special needs children need your financial help in Costa Rica. Written by our own Isabella Foster Villanueva.

I’ve started an orphanage in Costa Rica this April for kids with special needs. We have our first child, age 6. We are also open to children in special circumstances requiring temporary placement. Our long term goal is to help orphans with special needs get the love, attention, education and medical care needed.

These children often fall through the cracks in the system.

Our first child was previously in 7 different orphanages.

There are long waiting lists to see doctors here, so moving so much meant he never got his turn to be diagnosed officially. His special needs without a diagnosis left him in inadequate schools. He was always in the corner by himself instead of learning with the rest. The kids bullied him because of his speech problems.

Now, he is about to celebrate his 7th birthday in much different circumstances. He has individualized attention not available at larger orphanages. He is in a special education school that helps him become more independent and fill in the gaps in development. He receives speech therapy emotional and conductual counseling. He has a best friend at school. He is seeing a psychiatrist regularly and is on the medication he so badly needed all these years. He even knows how and when to ask for medicine when he feels symptomatic.

We currently fund the orphanage by working a work from home job, which takes time away from the kids and limits the amount kids we can accept. Our monthly bills are $1,000.

Any and all one time or monthly donations would be greatly appreciated.

Some of the items on our wish list are:

  • Prize for goals met $1
  • Article of clothing $5
  • Transportation to medical appointment $10
  • School supplies $20
  • School uniform $25
  • Birthday present $30
  • Sneakers $40
  • Consultation with special needs expert $75
  • Psychologist visit $100
  • Feed a child for a month $150
  • Needed kitchen updates-refrigerator, pressure cooker $200

Help spread the word!

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