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Heavy Rains Cause Flooding in Santa Cruz, Guanacaste

Costa Rica News- As if the latest 4.6 Earthquake happening yesterday and the huge 7.6 Earthquake 2 weeks ago was not enough to disrupt life in Guanacaste, rains in the area are causing a great deal of flooding.

Saturday afternoon rains accompanied by strong winds, caused the river Sequito in Santa Cruz, Guanacaste, to overflow and spill out at several points.

According to the Red Cross report, thirty houses were flooded resulting in many losses.

Moreover, the passage over the bridge, Perro Loco, which connects Santa Cruz to the beaches of Junquillal, was interrupted for several hours because the river water passing over the bridge.

The strong currents of several streams affected some drinking water pipes, and roads turned into rivers.

Some families left their homes after the flood, but by the evening Cunado the river flows down, returned to their homes.

We can only hope there is a little break from these forces of nature so the people in Guanacaste can get back to living normally.

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