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Healing Costa Rica Trees

Costa Rica News – Luis Sheik puts clay on trees. Passersby may think he’s crazy but actually tons of research went into the process he is a part of.

costa rica trees 1The clay is the result of Oscar Acuña´s agricultural studies.

It is an ointment made of various plants mixed with sulfur then mixed with clay. It´s used to control fungi and insects as well as to regenerate tissue. It is sealed with stone and copper layers so it won’t fall off. It functions as a bounce bandage.

The plan is a joint venture of the San Jose Municipality and the Florida Bebidas Company. They will help 150 trees, with a goal of prolonging their lives by at least 50 years.

81 trees have been restored already and they have heights of 15 and 30 meters.

The group is focusing on trees such as cedar, cork and mango.

The trees are in the parks of San José as well as near popular landmarks.

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