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Heading to the Beach for Semana Santa? What Are Costa Rica’s Most Contaminated

Costa Rica News – With Holy Week approaching, just about everyone is off to the beach.

contaminated beaches costa ricaWhen choosing the destination for your own getaway please take note of the following beaches, which are the most contaminated in the whole country.

Limon, although attractive to many, shows high levels of contamination.

Nearby Cieneguita is clean in some parts but steer clear of the mouth of the Limoncito River which is part of this beach.

Playa Sur, on the Pacific Coast, presents one of the highest pollution rates nationwide.

Tarcoles near the Rio Grande is terrible too.

Jaco rounds out the top five most contaminated beaches in Costa Rica.

The Laboratory of Aqueducts and Sewers tests water to see if it is safe to swim in. The first four I listed are above the limit, meaning you should not swim in them at all. Jaco is just below the limit, but still there is a high level of fecal coliforms. Don’t be fooled by water that looks fine.

Do your research for the sake of your health.

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