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Head of National Institute of Housing Resigns says CR is Ungovernable

Wow so people in government in Costa Rica are just flat out giving up when it comes to trying to implement and govern sectors of Costa Rica.  We all know it is hard to get anyone to do anything in CR but now elected officials are just saying screw it, no thanks, it is too much effort and an impossible task.

The chief executive of the National Institute of Housing and Urbanism (INVU), Eugenia Vargas, is stepping down from tomorrow, after launching criticism about the “ungovernability” and “prevailing difficult environment” in the state.

In his resignation letter that he gave on Wednesday, Vargas attributed his decision to the lack of response from President Laura Chinchilla, to the note sent to him from earlier this month.

The letter referred to the urgency of the Governing Council shall appoint a member to consolidate structural A quorum of the board of the entity.

“The institution is delayed by two months without sessions and are accumulating a lot of things to be resolved. On that note I refer to the resignation, but he has not been given due attention, “said Vargas.

He explained the chief, the situation has slowed the restructuring of INVU and approval of a trust agreement with the National Bank to construct multifamily buildings .

However, the Presidency Minister, Carlos Ricardo Benavides, rejected that version.

“There has been an express waiver on the board by a person who interprets Dona Eugenia resigned. Thus, our structural perspective A quorum is not broken, “said Benavides.

The minister said that examines candidates for the position and that the appointment will be made no later than next week.

Other reasons. In a press conference yesterday, Vargas stressed the need “prevailing” to reorganize the Institute.

“Plans are made and whether by the Board, by disagreement, or lack of cuórum, can not be achieved. It is very difficult to meet here with what one is committed, “said the official.

Vargas also attributed his departure to the need to defend their rights “in the administrative and judicial fields, the unfounded and unhealthy acts attributed to me in institutional buying of real estate.”

On 22 June, the Office raided the offices of INVU, in Barrio Amon, to investigate apparent irregularities in the purchase of a property in Canton Alajuelita for the development of a housing project.

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One Comment;

  1. gordon said:

    Ungovernable!! Who would have thought here in Costa Rica , The land of pura vida. Where one agency undoes the other with “procedure”. And the other minister trying to figure out how to steal for the government piggy bank.

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