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Have You Paid Your Costa Rica Drone Fee?

Costa Rica News – On April 22, the Tobias Bolanos Airport’s control tower had to issue an alert for a drone flying near Multiplaza.

drones in costa rica 1The operator is still unknown. It is assumed that he didn’t know he was putting aircraft at risk.

There is a need to avoid this happening again so the Directorate General of Civil Aviation is preparing regulations for the use of drones nationwide. There are 30 pages of instructions.

The regulations cover payment of insurance policies, certificates for legal operation for both devices and drivers, and how to determine appropriate flying sites. They could be put into practice in the next two months.

The owner must pay $6,013 for the necessary documentation, an amount which is being revisited after claims that it is disproportionate and unrealistic. Another rule is that pilots must be of age.

There are restrictions on the height drones can be flown to and the distance they must be from any airport and mass outdoor event.

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