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Have You Paid Your 2016 Costa Rica Marchamo?

Costa Rica News – The Marchamo paid this year is going to expire on December 31st so it’s time to purchase your new annual vehicle circulation certificate to avoid being fined by traffic police.

2015 marchamo costa rica 2This certificate includes compulsory third party no-fault liability insurance.

That’s a fancy way to say that you are obligated to pay for insurance that will cover injuries to people but not property.

It covers up to about $11,500 in medical expenses incurred or injuries sustained.

If an accident were to occur and your car was damaged you would have to pay to repair it even if the accident is judged as the other driver’s fault. His insurance won’t pay for the damage done to your car or anyone else’s property.

It is possible to carry additional, non-mandatory, insurance that would cover your own car in such a case and even coverage that would cover property you might accidentally damage but the cost is too high for most drivers.

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