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Hauntings in Panama City, Panama

Ghosts & the Supernatural – If you are in Costa Rica and decide to take a haunting trip across the border this might give you insight into the dark side of Panama City, Panama.

convento-de-la-merced-panama-city2016 has been an exciting year for Deanna Jaxine Stinson and me (Paul Dale Roberts). Lots of investigations and getting involved with some documentaries. This October is the highlight of our investigations. We are investigating the paranormal activities that occur in Panama City, Panama!

Below is a list of the top Haunted places we visited while in Panama City.

Convento de la Merced – Pirate’s Base: Late at night tourists have claimed to have seen men dressed as pirates at this location. Jose Alvarez of Panama City says he saw a pirate type of guy push another pirate type of guy. Jose claims he also heard the jingling of chains. Ghosts Identified: Convento de la Merced Pirates.

Ghost Who Haunts I, Murazzi between El Porquettaro Restaurant. At this location it is reported that a blue devil has been seen. In 1988, a man dressed as a Blue Devil for Day of the Dead was ran over by a taxi near this area. To this day, he still haunts this area, by walking up and down the street in his blue devil costume. Ghost Identified: The Murazzi Blue Devil.

Church and Convent of the Immaculate Conception – Some tourists claim that the legendary Captain Henry Morgan haunts this church. While living, Captain Henry Morgan was holed up in this church during the time the Spanish declared war in and around the Caribbean. Ghost Identified: Captain Henry Morgan.

The Jesuit Convent at the Ruins – This Convent was in use from 1578 to 1582. The ghosts of Spanish Conquistadores have been seen in this area. A Spanish Conquistadore was seen clashing with an Indian with his broad sword, before both apparitions vanished. Ghost Identified: The Swashbuckler of Jesuit Convent.

Vista de la Torre de la Cathedral: People praying have been seen inside this cathedral. Up to 6 people have been seen on their knees praying and then they will just vanish. Ghosts Identified: The Praying Partitioners of Vista de la Torre de la Cathedral.

While in Panama, Deanna and I saw the Panama Canal and the many, many ships that go through this amazing canal. We saw the rain forest and we discovered the ruins. In the rain forest I saw an amazing rubber tree plant, it was now more than a plant, it was a huge tree. Panama City is very beautiful. The only part of Panama City that is ugly are some of the beaches that have loads of plastic garbage strewn on the beach. It´s so sad to see so much trash on the beach. Unusual Activities: People sell soda and water out in the middle of busy traffic and their are hardly any cross walks, no wonder there is a Blue Devil ghost.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/

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