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“Haunted” Manor in Heredia Being Restored

Costa Rica News – Heredia locals can often remember how things used to be. They speak of waking up to the smell of coffee plantations in every direction.

Hacienda-Miramonte-HerediaOne family has another story to recount. They say they are visited by the ghost of “La Macha.” This ghost is Lucila Morales and is said by some to still reside in the manor that is being restored.

Ricardo Gurdián Marchena is the great grandson of Lucila Morales, or “La Macha.” He recalls his fond memories of growing up in her large Victorian Manor that was built in the 1940s. Even after moving out, he spent summers and vacations there. He later married in the home and lived there with his wife and daughters.

He went through the rooms remembering the childish pranks that were pulled and the good times that were spent with the family. The family is so honored that the home was chosen as a restoration project by the heritage Center of the Ministry of Culture.

The home is shabby, with the wood damaged by the humidity. Termites have also moved in. The architectural heritage is worth the ¢157 million to restore it back to its original design and make it structurally stable. The elements that were added later will be removed but the windows, decorative doors, and original glass handle doorknob will stay.

The building is owned by the Costa Rican Social Security Fund and will become the computer science department of the hospital once renovated.

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