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Happy Hubs Comes to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel News – Happy Hubs is a new concept that was launched by a couple of young entrepreneurs. They promise to help business people relocate from home offices in the States to “happy hubs” in other countries.

costa rica luxuryThe relocation spots are luxurious homes in tropical countries. They come with five star services like onsite massage therapists and gourmet chefs. The most amazing part of their plan is that they can do it for less than the cost of an average lifestyle in the States.

For $2,800 a month you get the accommodations, food, spa services, and extras like a shuttle to a surfing beach.

The American Dream is falling apart and many people are left ever chasing a six figure income. You can live the desired rich and famous lifestyle right now in an interesting place in the world. You don’t need more money.

If you have location flexibility and work from home why not do so from somewhere with a laid back lifestyle and a precious beach? Why struggle to live in a big city when you can find a better life at a lower cost?

The company founders find places that normally rent for $1,000 a night and reduce their cost “by securing great properties on a long term basis during slower seasons, and supplying our own onsite talent for everything from shopping, to cooking to massages and more, we can create happy hubs that offer maximum lifestyle at the least possible cost.”

Some of the properties they have are in Costa Rica, Bali, and Thailand. All of them have fast internet, healthy food, and rock star like amenities! You can move among them at will! There is no guarantee of a great future so enjoy life now while you can. Work and vacation all at once!

 To Take a Peek at Their Video go Here.


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