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Happy Costa Rica Retirees from Chicago

Costa Rica News – Although there are horror stories about living in Costa Rica, there are many people that have enjoyed moving form the USA or other places around the world and putting up roots and retiring in Costa Rica.  With the possibility of Obama winning the next Presidential election the number of people leaving the USA may just increase.

When Jim and Nora Cox decided to retire they spent the first weeks of their retirement sorting out things at home. Many trips down to Home Depot later they got bored. Worse, Jim’s arthristis started playing up in the Chicago cold.

That was when the couple decided to visit Costa Rica for a six week vacation.

They have been back in the US just two months in the last seven years.

“We fell in love with Costa Rica as soon as we arrived,” says Jim. “The slower pace of life is just what we needed, I can play golf every day and we find we are fitter and happier than we would have been if we stayed back home.”

Nora’s just as much of a fan. “Honestly, I could not leave now even if Jim were to drop dead tomorrow,” she opines, punching Jim in the arm. “The pace of life is perfect but so is the weather and the food. We have more friends here than we had time for in Chicago. We really do not miss the cold Chicago winters nor all the crime and dirt that we were always so aware of back there. I wish we had retired earlier and come over here sooner. I mean, we worked all those years like hamsters on a wheel and we didn’t ever once look up to think that we could jack it all in for this beautiful villa with a pool next to a golf course. We have the best hospitals, dentists and so many other facilities here. Even when we need to speak to family they are there on Skype and they love coming to stay when they get vacation time. This is the best of both worlds.”

What disadvantages are there to retiring in Costa Rica?

“I miss my friend’s bar on Ashland in Chicago,” says Jim. “I miss seeing the Cubs live every summer and I miss a few other things.”

“I miss the speed of Chicago sometimes……but only very occasionally,” says Nora.

“We are both very happy retirees,” says Jim. His wife nods contented beside him. “We are happier as Gringos than as Chicagoans,” he concludes.


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