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Hans Christian Andersen & The Brothers Grimm Hit the Costa Rica Stage

Costa Rica Entertainment News – Juan Cuentacuentos is premiering at the Popular Theater Melico Salazar on Tuesday with stories of Hans Christian Andersen and The Brothers Grimm.

It will be the first feature of The Giant, the Tailor and the King. The show is an adaptation of The New Emperor Costume and The Brave Little Tailor.

His shows are characterized by including live music and involving the children. The new show has a simple moral for the whole family. It combines music and humor into the story.

The first presentation is at 2pm.

The premiere will include two shows on Wednesday at 11 and 2. The premier price is ₡1,500 and tickets can be reserved at 8315-7873. After the premier, from September 16 to October 1, the show will cost ₡5,000 and ₡2,500 for kids.

There will be both a matinee and evening show on Saturdays and Sundays.

Juan explained in a press release that “With this show we want people, regardless of age, to play, to immerse themselves in the magical world of stories and to reflect on what is really important in life to be happy.”

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