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Hanging 10 With The Supernatural; Ghost Hunting in Hawaii

Ghosts & the Supernatural – When Deanna and I, arrived at the Honolulu International Airport we both received a sea shell lei. A lady greeted us and placed the leis around our neck. This lady was holding a sign that said ‘Roberts’, so I thought she was from the hotel. Later on I discovered she belonged to Roberts Shuttle Service, so Deanna and I, received our leis by sheer accident. Now on the ghost stories and legends of Hawaii.


Kapena Falls – At the base of the Nuu’anu Valley, there is a beautiful waterfall where it is said to be the lair of Poki – the guardian dog of Nuuanu. Villagers make claim that this dog can be seen baring its fangs. The dog we materialize out of nowhere and then disappear again.


It is said there is a o wahine (lizard woman) who lingers around the pass. A o wahine is mythical creature who takes the form of a beautiful woman and leads male travelers to their deaths off the cliff. She is similar to a western poltergeist or mermaid. Stories of assaults by ghosts have also been told, that these were supposed to be the work of hungry spirits that go into a violent frenzy and attack travelers for their food. Truckers are known to tie a fresh green ti or banana leaf or a strip of bamboo to their containers of food products to deter angry spirits. This practice is called “Placing a Law upon the Food”.


The cliffs of Makapu’u offer a scenic view of the eastern shores of Oahu. It is there that Madame Pele last stayed before moving on to the Big Island. People sometimes see an old lady in white hitchhiking along the highway there (as well as the Pali highway). That is the human incarnate form of Madame Pele and it is said you need to show her respect and kindness by offering her a ride. She will usually go along for the ride before disappearing into thin air. Failure to offer the ride may have serious implications. Makapu’u is also a place known for the Akua’lele (flying god). These are fireballs said in lore to be powerful conjured up spells from one who practices the ancient ways of Hawaiian sorcery.


Diamond Head Volcano is a sight to see. I once went to the top of this volcano in a Moped. Charles Watkins a tourist makes claim that he once saw a mermaid at the base of this volcano and when he approached the mermaid, she jumped into the ocean and swam away, she had long black flowing hair.


Legend has it that there are women who take the shape of rocks. They are motionless, but if they see something that is not right, they will take human form and they have incredible strength. One story is that a NIGHT MARCHERS hawaii legend 1Rock Woman saw an attempted rape on the beach, she took human form and grabbed the rapist by the throat, lifted him in the air and then shoved him into the ocean drowning him.


While we did our ghost hunting at the Temple of the Phoenix, Deanna psychically visualizes a Japanese man in a black robe crouching in the nearby creek. Deanna was stunned at what she experienced.


Legend has it that historical Hawaiian warrior bones have been moved and when these bones are found, no shadow can be cast on the bones. The warriors come back from the dead and they are called the Night Marchers. The Night Marchers are not happy ghostly warriors and if you come across a Night Marcher, you could become cursed.

These are just a few of the ghost stories we found on our visit to Hawaii.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/

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