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Halloween in Costa Rica; The Day of the Masquerade

Costa Rica Events – Hilda González’ mask workshop has been full these days. While people around the world were preparing for Halloween, Costa Ricans were looking forward to the Day of the Masquerade.

Día de la Mascarada costa rica 1Some Ticos celebrate Halloween but the majority seem to be taking up their roots once again and making the day about this long standing tradition of masked parades.

The holiday is celebrated in Cartago, Escazú, Barva, San Ramón, Palmares, Desamparados, Ciudad Colón, Santa Cruz, and many other places.

The main features of the masks are that they are gigantic and very expressive. Some prefer to use scary masks, but nothing like what you see in a horror film.

The masks are created with clay and fiberglass with resin or paper. They are painted with water paints, automotive oil, dye and chalk.

The masquerade tradition originates in colonial times. The use of masks is also common in traditions in European, Indian and African cultures.

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