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Green Energy Uncovering the History of Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Clean energy will be brought to 525,000 households in Costa Rica from a hydroelectric project in Limón.

costa rica historyIn working towards this futuristic goal, specialists have been involved in the construction, assuring that if any archeological artifacts are uncovered in the process they will be conserved.

12,000 years of cultural history was uncovered! The specialists have been excavating since 2008 as part of their socio-environmental management of the hydroelectric project.

The research area consists of 34 sites over 1,018 hectares. Architectural structures have been found as have stone and ceramic pieces. They have provided insight into prehistoric ancestors and their homes, lives and funeral rites.

All of the objects found are studied and classified and then transported to the National Museum.

Photographs and measurements are taken of each structure that is too large to move. This archaeological site will later become a dam for the hydroelectric project.

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