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“Green” Costa Rica’s Poop Filled Rivers

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica is in need of a sewage processing plant immediately and has been in need of this for a good amount of time now.  Most toilets and empty around the houses and then end up going directly into rivers that flow through out Costa Rica.  

For all of the Costa Ricans that think it is ok this river is in the middle of San Jose so it does not really matter, perhaps they should teach you in the school system that rivers and a part of a system that end of draining into a larger body of water, aka the ocean.

Fecal pollution and garbage are clogging the River Torres in Costa Rica.

A healthy river water has less than 1000 fecal coliforms. A river in the metropolitan area of San Jose they allow between 1000 and 5000, but the river Torres recorded between 110,000 and 17 million in just two kilometers. Yum!

This was found by the National Water Laboratory, Water and Sewage (AyA), after analyzing samples taken by the team of experts in the portion of the river from the Children’s Museum to the bridge that faces the Hotel San Jose Palacio.

“The results are not surprising because this river we have just studied. However, this diagnosis did symbolically to call the attention of the population, “said Darner Mora, Blue Flag program, AyA.

They observed when navigating the river waste water and solid waste.

“With the Environmental Improvement Project of Greater San Jose is expected to solve the problem of waste water, but to handle the issue of garbage need the involvement of the communities surrounding the river, “said Mora.

In this sense, the Blue Flag program is a category of watershed hydrology where communities can meet the challenge of caring for their “bit” of the river.

“We want to convince people of the metropolitan area to create local committees and so each community is responsible for its watershed,” said Mora.

Great idea Costa Rica. Let the locals take care of the problem.  It has not worked with crime, it has not worked with teen pregnancy, it has not worked with other community projects, but all of a sudden the locals are going to change their ways and start caring and put in effort for this.  Come on!

The only way you will be able to get anything done in regards to this is building a sewage treatment plant and if the locals are some how compensated financially for bringing in trash it might happen, but just making it optional will not work.  When it does not work Aya the government entity that is supposed to be taking care of this will shift blame to the public saying they did not do what they were supposed to meanwhile feces and other forms of pollution are funneling towards the oceans.

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  1. dwayne said:

    World wide problem well. Some say about 80% and higher of untreated waste is dumped. All the rivers around San Jose to the ocean is a dumping of raw sewage. Sickening. I do not see this ever being addressed and fixed here in the next decade or three. .

  2. Tilaran said:

    The only thing that will change is that investment and tourism will finally die after the last few years of life support.The lies finally are coming out in the open

    • admin said:

      They signed the contract it seems but until the project actually begins construction and is completed I will believe it. Look at the “El Diquis” Hydroelectric Dam in Southern Costa Rica, it has been delayed for construction for over a year now. Plus if these Acciona uses Costa Rican labor the time for completion will be doubled. The Chinese were smart in bringing their own work force to build the national stadium. Once you dip into the limited and lazy Costa Rican work force you begin encountering delays and problems. And do not forget the “new” international airport they were supposed to build in Palmar Sur.

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