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“Green” Costa Rica Trying to Reduce Cow Farts

Costa Rica News – After hearing this news I could nothing but laugh for about half an hour.  Believe it or not this is really going to happen in Costa Rica.  But I guess when you decide to go for carbon neutral then you go all out and cut wherever you can.

cow farts costa ricaThe ministry is promoting the views of writer Andre Voisin, who write a book on his theories of pasture management in 1959. The book is called “Grass Productivity.”

Believe it or not the amount of methane produced by the cattle in Costa Rica is enormous, but the real question is will this actually work to curb the greenhouse gas emissions emitted by the cattle?

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that each adult cow produces 80 to 110 kilograms of methane annually. Costa Rica has 1.5 million cows, according to the Ministerio de Agricultura.. If you do the math that is about 150 million kilograms of methane a year. That is a lot of smelly farts from those cows.

Ranchers are being urged to improve their pastures and to rotate the cattle from one field to another. The Costa Rican government is  also is urging the reduction of nitrogen fertilizers on pasture land as well as improved nutrients for cattle.

All that being said lets talk about the funny side of this unenforceable voluntary urging.

1. I want to know what person is going to have the job of measuring the number of farts the cattle produce?  What will his or her title be?  Fart Monitor……National Flatulence Agent…….Master of Methane Measuring?

2. Is the Costa Rican government going to pay for the more expensive fertilizers or try to herd these cattle to different fields?

3. If we are knocking out those items that cause gas and farting shouldn’t we take away gallo pinto and casados with extra beans?

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