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“Green” Costa Rica Rules NOT GUILTY Against Those Charged With Murder of Environmentalist Jairo Mora Sandoval

Costa Rica News – FACT: Jairo Mora Sandoval was murdered May 31, 2013.  FACT: Those accused were known members of a gang known for poaching on the same beach. FACT: The Chain of Evidence was broken omitting evidence against the accused.  These are all facts and cannot be disputed.

jairo mora sandoval trial acquittal 1Costa Rica It has been almost 2 years since the killing of environmentalist Jairo Mora Sandoval. A crime that for which various agencies and famous individuals have demanded justice and accountability.  Almost 2 years later we have been left with nothing but a bad taste in our mouth and more questions being raised about Costa Rica.

All seven defendants (every single one) were acquitted of the kidnapping, robbery, sexual assault and murder that took place on the night that Jairo was killed.  For all those wanted justice, there is none. 

This was an opportunity for Costa Rica to show it truly does care about environmental protection. This was a chance with all the eyes of the world on Costa Rica to show that it had the capacity to hold people accountable for their actions.  This was a chance for Costa Rica to show that its legal process was efficient and works properly.  This was a chance for Costa Rica prove that it actually wants to stand up against poachers, drug cartels and crime.

What has happened with this ruling is that it has shown that it does not care about any of these things.  

I am not arguing with the ruling, as in a court of law the evidence has to show beyond a reasonable doubt that those accused were guilty. What I am saying is that Costa Rica should have made sure that this was not the end result of this ordeal and trial.  There is now no justice for anyone that knew this incredible person.

Where did this all go wrong? 

According to the Tico Times, “This mishandling of evidence led to the exclusion of three key pieces of evidence from the prosecution’s case. These included bottles of cologne that were lost in evidence, a disk of telephone conversations that was not filtered properly by a preliminary court judge, and a cellphone tower investigation that did not undergo judicial review. “

Now let me get opinionated in regards to this topic.  

This is a trial I have personally been following from the time of the murder.  

I watched as it was given zero importance during the presidential elections of Costa Rica.  I watched as it was delayed getting its day in court for a year and a half.  And now I have seen the judgement which should disappoint everyone.  

What does this prove?  

The only this proves is that the court system and legal process in Costa Rica is FUBAR. (If you don’t know what that means Google it). This does not only apply for criminal trials, it also applies to contractual law in Costa Rica. Why do you think Costa Rica keeps falling in the Fitch ratings? Contracts mean nothing in this country.  They signed a contract with Infinito Gold to allow them to mine only to go back on their contract and word.  

There are only two options when it comes to chain of evidence problems which lead to the acquittal.  

1. Those collecting evidence were not properly trained and because of this they screwed up.

2. The drug cartel money (turtle eggs are used on the drug trade) made sure that the needed evidence was lost or handled incorrectly.

It might have been a combination of them both but of course we will never know and the problems will most likely never be addressed. 

Where Does This Leave Us?

Exactly where we were before this judgement.  Costa Rica has proven again that it has no desire to protect its environment or correct its legal system.  Shark finning will still occur it its waters. Turtle egg poaching will still happen on its beaches.  Pollution will still run through its rivers.  People will still not be held accountable for their actions if tried in the legal system in the land of “Pura Vida”.

The eyes of the world were upon you Costa Rica and  you have failed……..

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