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Grecia the Toucan in Costa Rica Waiting on Prosthetic Beak

Costa Rica News –Grecia, the toucan, lost his beak ten months ago.

VID: Thugs Bash off Beak of ToucanHe was the victim of brutal aggression by a group of young men. He was brought to a rescue center and attended to by veterinary staff.

Because of the gravity of the attack, Grecia will have to live his whole life in captivity. He could not survive in the wild.

Four companies offered 3D printed prosthesis to increase the bird’s quality of life.

Seven months of research was done to gain scientific and practical knowledge. Prototypes were made. There were differences in opinion among the companies involved.

Now the project is being carried out solely by 3D Systems.

Grecia has come a long way. His wounds have already healed and he is in a stable condition overall. He receives basic veterinary care at Zoo Ave.

The main goal for the prosthesis is so that Grecia can feed himself in a natural way.

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