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Graduates of Neighborhood Watch Program Getting Huge Chop Suey

For this chop suey they  will need 550 kilos of pasta, 330 kilos of carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, onion, sweet chile and cabbage, 300 kilos of ham and smoked pork chop, 20 gallons of salsa China and 68 liters of oil.  That is the recipe of the dish to accompany 500 residents and 300 merchants in San José that will graduate from community safety programs and commercial forces, on 8 July in La Sabana Park.

The program trained local residents in preventing the incidence of crime, strengthening solidarity between neighbors and communication with the police. Also prepared to traders on security issues within their business.

The invitation to taste the chop suey is free and extended to the general public, who will also enjoy dancing, cultural events national and oriental display of the canine unit of the Armed Forces and other activities.

Juan José Andrade, director of the security forces, said the meeting will serve to call a mass leafleting and information among participants on issues of community safety and trade.

The event will begin at 9 am with the presentation of certificates and, at 10 am, in charge of preparing the chop suey , Adam Herrera will serve the first dish from a pan of 2.5 meters.

Herrera said he was the creator of the worlds largest gallo pinto  ten years ago. However, this time took up the challenge of cooking for more than 10,000 people, which will be America’s largest chop suey.

It has taken wo months preparing the event with the help of ten private companies.

The preparation will be in charge of 25 chefs, who will process all the ingredients the day before the activity in the Vigui plant and then transfer it in a cold truck to La Sabana.

Once there, the 25 cooks will share the preparation of chop suey in four batches. In each one of them will be five mixing the ingredients for periods of 15 minutes, and successively rotated so tired of the process, said Herrera.

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