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Gotta Wear A Helmet When Riding A Motorcycle in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Cosevi will require motorcyclists to use safer helmets. Starting next year, all helmets used must meet a new international safety and quality standard.

Only helmets meeting these requirements will be allowed to be imported to the country.

The casing, or outer shell, must be resistant and the jaw protector must support impact.

The protective filler, inner liner, restraint system and visor will also be tested to ensure safety for motorcyclists.

Hospital México has a Maxillofacial Surgery Service.

They say that motorcyclists involved in high impact accidents often suffer eight fractures in the face, requiring hours in the operating room.

That hospital alone attends to 25-30 motorcyclists with severe face injuries a month.

Cosevi states that there were 168 fatalities due to motorcycle accidents this year as of November.

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