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Gorgeous Medical Student Will Sing with the Philharmonic

A beautiful and talented Costa Rican woman has shown that she has a voice to go along with her brain and looks. Medical student Sofia Rojas was crowned the winner of Abba and The Carpenters as one voice, to live and the Philharmonic Orchestra.

In this competition, which aimed to choose one of the singers who participate in the tribute that the Philharmonic will give these two groups, there were a total of 1,754 votes.

Sofia won first place with 963 votes, while Stephanie Chaverri 419 and Andrea Baldioceda, 372.

Thrilled with the result, she thanked everyone who took time to choose their favorite.

He said that in his family became a crusade to get all hunting for votes for social networks.

“We created a Facebook event where we invite all our friends and family, I received much support, especially my parents and my sister who always helps me,” she said.

Although Rojas is not majoring in music, this is not the first time for her, because in her youth she studied at the National Institute of Music and later took singing lessons at the Academy of Modern Music.

“When they announced the names of the singers who chose me ahuevé director. Now I feel too happy, even just the fact that I chose for this contest makes me feel that every effort was worth it, “said the girl.

By knowing the outcome, Marvin Araya, director of the Philharmonic Orchestra, said he was satisfied, since Sofia has a “sweet voice and good stage presence.”

He said that she will have to prepare for days of intense rehearsals both individually, as with the orchestra.

As a board, the teacher commented that this is a special time to focus on singing, chanting and singing.

“They learned the lyrics perfectly, and hopefully when you practice to invite a group of family and friends to listen. This is important because it helps overcome stage fright, which is something that happens to professional artists, “he said.

Araya said that like any other singer, Sofia now have to stay healthy, not exposed to severe temperature changes or alterations that could damage your voice.

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