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Gorgeous Costa Rican Natasha Sibaja To Compete to be Miss World

Costa Rica Entertainment News – The second most important competition in the globe, Miss World, has found its Costa Rican contestant. We’re talking about one of the previous finalists for Miss Costa Rica, Natasha Sibaja, who, last Thursday in the Le Chandelier restaurant, was chosen by the organisation Queens of Costa Rica to take on this role.

Natasha Sibaja 1Sibaja, who is 24 years old and is about to finish her degree in General Medicine and Surgery, said that her previous experience in international competitions and her maturity would help her in the Miss World competition, which will bring together finalists from 137 countries. The final will take place on 14th December at the Excel Centre in London.

“I’m so motivated, because so many years of preparation and training have gone into having what it takes to win a title of such high calibre. I’m going with the hopes of putting on a good performance. The point of the competition is that they’re looking for a woman who is well-rounded and can put her mind to all things, and you can see that from the tasks they set”, said the woman from Pérez Zeledón.

Miss World competitors are set five challenges, from which they can earn points. The winners of each category are sent directly through to the semi-finals. The categories are: sport, talent, swimwear, supermodel and beauty through actions (working on social issues and aims).

Not winning the crown for Miss Costa Rica (which was won instead by Karina Ramos) far from discouraged Sibaja; rather, it has given her even more motivation and she now views it as a great opportunity.

“Things don’t happen at a determined time, but God puts you in the right place for you. Miss Costa Rica was just one chapter of my life; now I have the responsibility that comes with hoping to be Miss World. [Their aims] focus on humanity, and I can really identify with their purposes. We can all learn from our experiences, and they make you stronger for what the future holds”, she insists.

Allan Alemán, the organisation’s director, explains why he chose this particular candidate, and defines the title himself.

“Queens of Costa Rica doesn’t just host a competition and then after that it’s all over. Over the years, they recruit potential candidates, train them and follow their progress. All queens should have time to grow into themselves, and this is a big step to participating. Almost all competitions elect a queen and work with them for a year. In our case, we like to make the most of the time so that they are at a high level by the time they compete.

“If I had three categories which the Costa Rican Miss World would fulfil, they would be values such as: charisma, a sensibility towards social issues and a lot of experience and talent in the working world. We decided that Natasha was the whole package and had all of these qualities”, he added.

Carolina Brid, who was Miss Panama 2013 and competed against Fabiana Granados in the Miss Universe pageant in Russia, congratulated Natasha over social media. The two women became friends at a previous competition in which they both competed.

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