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Google’s New Smart Phone the Nexus 6P is in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – For the past few years Google has tried to build a phone that appeals to both the consumer and the tinkerer with its Nexus program.

Nexus 6P by googl review 1While not quite perfect and lacking a few features you find in other Android-powered phones — removable storage, IR blasters and Qi charging come to mind — it’s the best “consumer” Nexus yet.

The Nexus 6P, the first high-end smartphone of Google designed by Huawei, is available for consumers in Costa Rica, reports Estrategia y Negocios.

Its suggested retail price is ¢469.000 (US$885) and the phone is sold at the official Huawei store in the City Mall and in Siman department stores.

At the Google store the 6P (unlocked) starts at US$499, but is not available for purchases from Costa Rica.

From QCostaRica, Edited by Dan Stevens

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