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Google Street View in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – It will be interesting typing in an address for Google Street View in Costa Rica. “100 meters from where the gas station used to be”. 

google street view costa ricaGoogle Street View is in the process of getting permits to operate in Costa Rica. This is a service that offers 360° images to show metropolitan areas around the world from the perspective of someone walking through the city.

Sites like the National Theatre, La Sabana and Central Avenue can soon be appreciated by people all over the world with the help of this tool. It’s a way to virtually travel the world getting to see places from street view as if you were there.

Google uses cars, bikes, snowmobiles and people carrying backpacks with cameras to capture the images. It then blurs out personal data such as faces and license plate numbers before putting them online.

Google plans to rent cars and hire staff to install the 360° cameras and then hire people with backpacks to carry cameras around near sites of public interest. That sounds like an interesting job to me.

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