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Google Maps Spots Weird Looking Woman in a Bikini on Costa Rica Beach

Costa Rica News – Google Maps picking up women in bikinis on a Costa Rica beach might be something that encourages people to take a trip down to the country. 

But if they happen to look like the woman in this picture, I do not know it it will encourage travel.

If you’ve ever used Google maps to research a place you’re travelling to, you’ll know that it is a great resource.

You can often see the most minute of details, and get a real feel for a place before you get there.

But this image proves that even the most powerful tools sometimes mess up in quite strange ways.

Can you see what’s wrong with this image?

Google-Maps-bikini-clad-woman -Costa-Rica-beach-viral-pic 1

At first look, the image of a woman sun bathing in her bikini appears innocent – reading her book, and lying on her front, she looks relaxed and happy.

However once you spot the difference, you can see that this is no ordinary image, because the woman’s legs are on the wrong way.

Don’t worry though, this is not a freak accident, the image has simply merged an image of her lying down on her back before meshing with her as she switched over to her front.

As such, it makes for a unique picture and not one that would encourage you to head to the beach in question.

The image has garnered over half a million views already, with hundreds of comments about what could have caused the strange composition.

One commenter suggested that the image issue is due to the woman “turning over in the middle of someone taking a panoramic shot”, whereas another counters with “literally can see here it was two half (sic) of separate images…or she also has a hand growing out of her side too”

Scary stuff, and hopefully not indicative of a trip to this Costa Rican beach.

By LUCY SHEREF, Express, Edited by Dan Stevens

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