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Goddess of Holy Water

The element of water is greatly used in purification magick. This includes banishment of evil, self-harm, baptisms and renewal rituals.

You may have heard of holy water- water that has been blessed upon by priests in a church, and a male God. This is a version that you may make yourself, whatever your religion or beliefs. I call it Goddess Holy Water, because I want to balance the divine cosmos with beauty and feminine power.

Goddess Holy Water should be kept in a sacred space, a sacred jar or bottle, and properly closed, so that no dirt or debris may enter the water. You may keep jar in the window, or in a very cool and dark place.

The goal is to use as pure as water as possible. Try collecting from sources that already are being charged by the sun, moon or church wells and fountains. You also want to make sure it looks crystal clear.

What you will need:

A large bowl
A sacred bottle or jar
A sacred space
Clear water

The Moon
Goddess Holy Water is a ritual best used under a full or new moon. These two cycles of the moon, traditionally hold the most power. You will have to read a scientific based website such as NASA, to find out when the moon will actually be in these phases in your area, because there is a difference between the moon looking full and actually being so. It does really increase the power, if you can get these details down.


  • Light one candle (Any color, as they all have light power and it gives more power, the more personal you can make this.)
  • Place large bowl underneath the moonlight.
  • Fill up the bowl with crystals that have been properly cleaned and have no dirt or debris on them.
  • Kneel or stand over bowl and say a prayer to attract angels to you and blessings, and to be protected from evil.
  • Pour the water into the bowl and visualize crystal streams running over Earth. Also, visualize the angels that you asked for by your side.
  • At this point, you may light more candles, in holders, but, it is recommended to pick unused candles with a clean wick.
  • Try placing the candles in a circle around the bowl and yourself, if you want to make it even wider.
    While the moon above is charging your water, visualize the intention you wish for.
  • It is helpful to think of rainbow prisms as sources of energy coming from the crystals, which can purify whomever the liquid touches.
  • A prayer such as one, I would say, might be something like this, (but you can make any variations you feel you need); “Please dear heavens and skies and lights of the night, spirits, Goddesses and angels, charge this water so that whomever it touches; is blessed, purified, and protected from evil. Like a pure light flame, (hands slightly over candlelight to collect energy from flame), I bless our hearts, minds and souls with clarity, beauty and light.” (Put hands over bowl of water, and visualize rainbows coming from your hands into the water, blessing it.)
  • Once you feel as if you have properly blessed the water, pour it into your sacred bottle or jar, which you are dedicating for only this purpose.
  • Any water that is left over, pour onto your third eye, top of head, heart and feet. You will immediately feel the power inside the water.
  • Keep the jar outside underneath the moon, until the candles burn out.
  • If the candles are extremely large, or there is an emergency, I recommend using a seashell to put out the flames.
  • When the candles are done burning, bring the water inside to your sacred space and say one final prayer that angels may bless the space, you and all that come near or touch the water.
    Go back outside, clean your mess, and then say a closing prayer over the spot the ritual took place that, all portals are closed; only angels may stay.

That is how you make Goddess Holy Water!

Sprinkle on someone to bring clarity, peace and healing.

You can draw hearts and stars and other shapes with it as well over someone, on their forehead, hands, and anywhere you can imagine.

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Enchantress
Halo Paranormal Investigations – HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/

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