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Glazze Crystal – Drinking Whiskey in Style

Friday night and it is time for whisky, cards and cigars with the boys. But there is a hint of elegance and style for this week’s Texas Holdem game. Sitting next to each player’s stack of poker chips, ready for a Jack Daniel’s on the rocks or a Chivas straight up are Glazze Crystal’s Atlanta Whiskey Glasses.

I guess with the fact that is was bring your wife or significant other night for the weekly card game, it was time to give it a little taste of elegance. Whether to impress the guys or their partners it worked. From the time the first card was turned over to the last river card compliments on the Atlanta Whiskey Glasses from Glazze were made often.

By the end of the night both the wives and girlfriends as well as the boys were on the Glazze website looking through their selection of whiskey and wine glasses and picking out which ones they were going to have ready for their next events at their own homes.

If you are looking for the perfect crystal glass to complement a whiskey drinking evening with the boys or a Sunday of mimosas with the girls, Glazze has the perfect glassware to give that touch of elegance to your event.

About Glazze Crystal

Whether your sipping a rich Burgundy or the smoothest of whiskies, you’ll want to drink it from one of the beautiful styles from Glazze Crystal! Crafted with either 24k gold or platinum, these hand painted glasses are delightfully decorative. Hand cut in Turkey, this gorgeous glassware comes from a centuries long tradition of high quality craftsmanship, beauty and innovative designs. Hand-cut, engraved, blown and painted glassware ranging from champagne flutes to luxurious liquor glasses, add Glazze Crystal for an enviable, elegant atmosphere in your abode!

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