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Ghosts & the Supernaturual; Dyer Lane & The Haunted Apartment

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil………. The valley of death on this night of Friday, February 20, 2009, is Dyer Lane. A place of murders, a place of a possible lynching conducted by the KKK in the 1930s, a place of horrific car crashes. One legend of Dyer Lane is that in 1972, a GTO and a Duster were racing down this road. Both drivers of both vehicles were drinking heavily. As the GTO reached the road where it veers off to the left, it smashed into a tree. The driver was thrown out of the front windshield and his head smashed into the tree violently, killing him instantly. People who drive down this road claim to see apparitions walking alongside this roadway.

dyer lane ghosts 1One witness named Bonnie Fee claims that she saw a young man walking down the road with a crushed skull and blood dripping down his face. Could this be the GTO driver? Another legend is that a ghostly police car zooms down this road and vanishes into an open field. There is even a story of a ghostly tractor and when people wave at the tractor driver, the tractor and the driver vanish into thin air.

We broke the group up into three teams. Lead Investigators for Dyer Lane were: Shannon McCabe, Paul Dale Roberts and David Mace. My team went off the beaten path and followed a trail into the tall grass and trees. We received one possible EVP, in which I ask is there anyone here and the answer was ‘yes’. John Shue on Shannon’s team picked a maniacal laughter, that sounded like a man. John picked up the EVP on his camcorder. After our investigation, I had a meeting with everyone and went over our evidence. Many photographs produced strange anomalies, such as a series of orange stick lights in the field, orbs galore, designer orbs with intricate designs within the inside of the orbs, strange red and orange light anomalies in the tree lines. John Shue calls his EVP, the evil man laughing. He obtained this EVP when Chantal asked: “are you the cop that died on this stretch of road?” Other photographs showed faces of the scouts and their faces were blurry. Since I have been ghosthunting, it seems that everytime people take pictures of me, I have orbs attached to my body. I saw many photos of myself with orbs sticking on me. Damn orbs…no wonder I have been itching! Another unusual incident that happened is that Mark, Jeanie and I, were trying to take pictures and our cameras were acting up. We all had fresh batteries. When we left the location, Mark and my camera were back to normal again. It is said that entities can drain the energy from batteries, perhaps this is what happened tonight.

Now back to those damn orbs! Here is a quick disclaimer. If we cannot detect intelligent movement of orbs, we cannot confirm orbs are of a supernatural nature. They could be dust orbs, lint orbs, skin flake orbs, moisture orbs, light refraction orbs. Just to let you know and keep you straight on the orb phenomenon. Of course, in rare cases, orbs could be a spiritual containment field. On this night of our investigation, two police units pulled up with their lights blinding us. I immediately walked up to the officers and introduced myself. I told them we are ghosthunters. They were very friendly and cool with the situation. The lady cop told me she knew of the legends of Dyer Lane. I gathered the group and told everyone to head out to our second investigation area. This would be Mark Greer’s haunted apartment on 5th and P Street. As I headed out of Dyer Lane, I had to drop off 3 of the scouts that are family members to Chantal. After we dropped them off, Chantal and I, had to get some coffee and an energy drink to reenergize! The Ghosttracker (my Dodge Stratus) was now headed to downtown Sacramento.

We arrived at Mark’s place and Mark was entertaining everyone by playing the movie ‘Wanted’ starring Angeline Jolie. Mark shut the movie off when I arrived, because it was time to get down to business. That’s how I roll. I would break up the group into two teams. One team would do the outside perimeters and the other team would do the inside perimeters of the apartment. David Mace and I, would lead the teams.

Equipment Used for Both Investigations: EMF Readers, digital audio recorders, digital cameras, digital video cameras, flashlights, dowsing rods.

I gave a briefing of the activity in Mark’s home and Mark explained it in more detail, because he lives it day in and day out. Mark lives in apartment 19, but in apartment 17, there was a fire and the fireevp ghosts consumed the male occupant killing him horribly. David Mace did some great research on Dyer Lane and this apartment complex and discovered the fire incident. Also, near Mark’s apartment complex are two other apartment complexes that house senior citizens. Occupants from these two apartment complexes have deaths constantly. Deceased senior citizens are hauled away by the coroner’s office many times over. Mark at times may be out front preparing a barbecue and see the coroner wagon pick up another body. Mark shrugs his shoulders and says…”there goes another one”. So with so many deaths happening constantly around his apartment complex, no wonder some of these units are haunted. On this night, we get a lot of orb pictures in and around Mark’s apartment. When I use my dowsing rods, I get the name Cathy. When pictures are taken, I have an orb sitting on my lap and another photograph shows an orb hanging off my trenchcoat. When I say, so your name is Cathy? Iesha gets an EVP where you can hear me saying ‘Cathy’ and the entity corrects me and says her name is Dorothy. I asked if the entity died in 1943 and you can hear Iesha’s EVP of a woman saying 1944. David Mace sees a person walking through the parking lot structure and when he checks his video, that person is not recorded on his video. John Shue and Janice (two sensitives) feel a vortex in Mark’s kitchen. As they stand in the center of the vortex, they feel a sense of vertigo, unbalance. One location outside, there are 4 orbs in a row. Another EVP, sounds like heavy breathing.

Photographs with strange anomalies in both locations – Inconclusive until the photographs can be analyzed further. EVPs, still need to be analyzed by Audacity.
While I used dowsing rods in Mark’s apartment, we asked the entity to light up the EMF Reader. The dowsing rods crossed, indicating yes and the EMF reader lit up.
When the EMF reader lit up, a photograph was taken instantly and an orb was hovering over my lap.

With the EVPs and all of the strange activity that happened at both locations, something strange is definitely going on, may it be abnormal, may it be paranormal. A further investigation of both locations are warranted. I have a hunch both locations are harboring an unknown force, that could be supernatural.

Paul Dale Roberts

HPI International, Ghost Hunter

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