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Ghost Hunting; The Top Hat Phantom of Hayward

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Human habitation of the greater East Bay, including Hayward, dates from at least 4000 B.C.. The most recent pre-European inhabitants of the Hayward area were the Native American Ohlone people.

hayward haunted mansionIn the 19th century, the land that is now Hayward became part of Rancho San Lorenzo, a Spanish land grant to Guillermo Castro in 1841. The site of his home was on the former El Camino Viejo, or Castro Street (now Mission Boulevard) between C and D Streets, but the structure was severely damaged in the 1868 Hayward earthquake, with the Hayward Fault running directly under its location.

The home that we investigated is located on the property that once stood Rancho San Lorenzo.

Is this where the Top Hat Phantom originates from? Most of the city’s structures were destroyed in the earthquake, the last major earthquake on the fault. In 1930, that site was chosen for the construction of the City Hall, which served the city until 1969. Hayward was originally known as “Hayward’s”, then as “Haywood”, later as “Haywards”, and eventually as “Hayward”. There is some disagreement as to how it was named. Most historians believe it was named for William Dutton Hayward, who opened a hotel there in 1852. The U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System states the city was named after Alvinza Hayward, a millionaire from the California Gold Rush. Regardless of which Hayward the area was named for, the name was changed to “Haywood” when the post office was first established in 1860.

The house was built in 1922. Angelina states: Several apparitions have been seen, especially in the front bedroom. Apparitions have been captured in photos. Lights have turned on and off by themselves. An ornament on the Christmas tree flew off the tree and almost hit Daisy. FIRST GHOST: An apparition wearing a white suit and top hat has been seen. Name: Top Hat Phantom. Special Note: The Saloon in San Francisco was a popular hang-out in the 1800s for dapper men who wore top hats. The Saloon still exists up to present times. Could the Top Hat Phantom lived in Hayward and travel to San Francisco to have a few drinks and also do a bit of socializing?

SECOND GHOST: A man in a white shirt has been seen. Name: White Shirt Ghost.

THIRD GHOST: Big dark shadow has been seen in the house. Name: The Dark Shadow.

FOURTH GHOST: Caucasian man with blonde hair. Name: Blondie. Voices are heard in the house, one apparition says: “It’s going to be okay” to Angelina. Gilberto states: Things have jumped off the dresser, seen remote control fly off counter.

FIFTH GHOST: Little African American boy running through the house. Name: Running Boy.

SIXTH GHOST: Judy came face-to-face with a large white misty apparition. Name: White Mist. This family has lived here for 26 years, before they moved in; they learned that a neighbor next door hung himself, committed suicide. Could it be that this suicide victim did not go into the light and that a vortex was created bringing in other entities?

SEVENTH GHOST: Old woman with her hair in a bun. It was discovered that it was the original owner of the house. Name: Edna Janssen.hayward haunted UFO Angelina most likely has psychic abilities, because she sees apparitions everywhere she goes. She is most likely like a lighthouse with a beacon of light that attracts entities wherever she goes. Entities are attracted to people with psychic abilities, because most entities have a message to convey. Kaylie felt like she was being choked and had a difficult time breathing – Amy Kneppel cleansed her immediately.

Brent captures strange shadow photo, rapid succession photos, first photo normal, second photo – the room is completely dark – 3rd photo – back to normal. Laser grid lights used and there was a break in the laser grid as if something moved across the grid. Orb photos are being taken. Possible intelligent K2 hits. Possible flashlight communication. Kaylie captures another vortex photo. She is starting to get the nickname – Vortex Queen. Monique felt dark energy in the laundry room and chaotic negative energy in the kitchen. Monique says she felt violence in the bathroom. The occupants confirm that previous occupants may have brought in this negative energy into the home. The occupants are aware of previous neighbors that were involved in devil worshiping Wendy and Monique saw an orb fly off the roof. Monique also picked up on possible alien visitation in this neighborhood. One of the occupants explained that a neighbor once used to talk about aliens being in the neighborhood.

Monique did some incredible psychic work this evening. She picked up on a confidential matter in full detail. The occupants confirmed it. Monique picks up on a name. Brent George not knowing the name that Monique picked up on, gets an EVP with the exact name. Monique picked up on areas of the house that details the work of 1922, all confirmed by the occupants. Jon Koyasako saw moving shadows in one of the bedrooms. Wendy sees a white moving mist in the backyard. Wendy and Monique see an orb with their own eyes shoot off from the rooftop. Monique picks up on ‘alien visitation’, the occupants were confused by this comment, then confirmed that a neighbor used to claim up and down that aliens were in the neighborhood.

Due to past negative energy from previous occupants, I conducted a hedge-of-protection prayer and Amy did a metaphysical cleansing of the home. On the way home, me and passengers went through Peltier Road. Urban legend says that this road is haunted. We found nothing esoteric on this night while traveling on this road. Brent George had several personal experiences and there was a time he felt a cold chill all over his body. Special Note: When Amy returned home she found her front door and back door wide open and every light turned on in her house. She has no explanation for this. This warrants a further investigation if it continues.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)!/groups/HPIinternational/

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