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Ghost Hunting; The Phantom of Notorious B.I.G.

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Before Shannon gets off the phone, she asks if I could call a potential client named Leon from Brooklyn. Since I have a good 30 minute drive home, it will break the monotony of driving and listening to a good paranormal story, so I call Leon.

This is basically how the call went down, words to this effect:biggie smalls death 1

Paul: “Hello Leon, this is Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager – Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International, how can I help you?”
Leon: “Doin’ fine, hey I have a situation.”
Paul: “Yes?”
Leon: “A few of my homies got together and we were messin’ with an Ouija Board. Do you know anything about these boards?”
Paul: “Yes, it is a dangerous tool to summon entities from other realms. If you do not know how to utilize an Ouija Board properly, you may place yourself in a dire situation. You may even open up a portal and bring in unwanted entities.”
Leon: “Well, I don’t know all about that, but I do know is that we got the name of Biggie on the board and I think it was Biggie Smalls that contacted us.”
Paul: “Biggie Smalls the rapper? What makes you think that?”
Leon: “Yes, Notorious B.I.G., the rapper. The next message on the board was ‘can’t rest.’
Paul: “That doesn’t prove that it was Biggie Smalls, the rapper.”
Leon: “I know that, but then the air in the room came alive, it felt cold all over the place and then by the hallway, we saw a big shadow, a tall shadow of a man. It was just there like it was staring at us. I’ve seen Biggie in concert and the shadow had the same shape as Biggie!”
Paul: “That still doesn’t prove that it was Biggie, but this is truly an interesting story. Do you mind if I write an article about it?”
Leon: “Yeah, sure, leave my last name out of it, okay?”
Paul: “Not a problem. Did anything else happen after seeing the large man shadow?”
Leon: “I saw some flashes G, like I was in looking into a window or something.”
Paul: “What do you mean looking through a window?”
Leon: “I was seeing I think the night streets of Los Angeles.”
Paul: “Say that again.”
Leon: “I thought I was seeing the streets of LA. I have never been to LA, but what I have seen in movies. Also, it was night time. While seeing these streets, I felt like I was having an anxiety attack!”
Paul: “Interesting, you may be an empath. Able to attach the feelings and emotions of others, to experience their experiences.”
Leon: “Like maybe I was seeing things with Biggie’s eyes.”
Paul: “I like to keep an open mind. Perhaps, just perhaps.”
Leon: “Am I in any danger?”
Paul: “It doesn’t look like it, but if your paranormal experiences continue, please contact me immediately. Promise me that you and your friends will stop using the Ouija Board.”
Leon: “Yeah, no problem.”
Paul: “I can publish your story?”
Leon: “Sure”.
Paul: “Remember. Playing with an Ouija Board can be dangerous, next time it won’t be Biggie, but it could be something biggie that you bring through the portal.”
Leon: “Laughs”. “I hear ya.”
Paul: “Okay, keep in touch and contact me if you need my assistance.”
Leon: “Aight. Later.” Click.

biggie smalls death 2Notorious B.I.G. movie trailer, click here:

For you readers, who do not know who Biggie Smalls is, let me explain. Biggie Smalls or also known as The Notorious B.I.G. was born in Brooklyn as Christopher George Latore Wallace. Biggie hit celebrity status with his rapping lyrics. His hit song Hypnotize raised up the music charts.

Biggie befriended rapper/movie star Tupac Shakur and when Tupac was hit by bullets of a robbery that went wrong, he blamed it on his friend Biggie and his entourage. Biggie and Tupac became rivals, Biggie represented East Coast rappers and Tupac represented West Coast rappers. Tupac was murdered in Las Vegas and some of the blame fell on Biggie’s shoulders.

Biggie felt his life was in danger and he was right, because on March 9, 1997 while Biggie and his entourage left a Los Angeles party in 2 black GMC Suburbans, a black Chevy Impala pulled up alongside the vehicle that Biggie was in. Biggie took some gunshots to the chest and died at Cedar-Sinai Hospital. Theories abound that either the Southside Compton Crips, members of Deathrow Records and even the L.A.P.D. may have conspired to have Biggie killed. Perhaps we will never know, or perhaps Biggie has stepped out of his grave and is trying to contact empaths like Leon, because he wants his story told.

Biggie, what is it that you want to say? We are all ears!

Paul Dale Roberts
HPI International

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