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Ghost Hunting in the Oakland Cemeteries; The Black Dahlia

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Our mission on those days was to explore 2 cemeteries. The Evergreen cemetery contains a mass grave of 412 unidentified victims of the Jonestown massacre. The Mountain View Cemetery contains the grave of Elizabeth Short, aka “The Black Dahlia”. She was perhaps the most famous murder victim of all time. Her body was found completely bi-sected and lying in an empty lot in Downtown Los Angeles in 1947. Her murder is still a mystery and her killer was never brought to justice.

Corpses from the Jonestown Massacre of 1978The Jonestown Massacre

Charismatic Reverend Jim Jones started the Peoples’ Temple in San Francisco. The church he created started innocently enough and he gathered many followers. Jones became friends with politicians and made sure his congregation would support the candidate of Jones’ choice.

There were rumors of abuse being done on the members of the Peoples’ Temple. Jim Jones decided to move his congregation to an isolated area in Guyana and called his new retreat Jonestown. More rumors surfaced, everything from torture, rape, slavery, drug use, brainwashing, unhealthy living conditions and many other atrocities. It was time for Senator Leo Ryan to look into these allegations. The Senator brought his team to investigate and when secret notes were passed to the Senator detailing the horror of Jonestown, the Senator took some members of the congregation with him. A team of Jones’ assassins gunned the Senator and his team down. Later Jim called for a ‘white night’ and forced his congregation to drink poisoned Kool-Aid. Over 900 people died, including Jim Jones.

For More Information about the Jonestown Massacre

Elizabeth Short, aka The Black Dahlia

January 1947, police found the body of a woman cut in half at the torso. Her body was found in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles, CA. The body was of The Black Dahlia, she had been tortured, maimed and murdered. BD was carved into her body and her body was actually sawed in half. There was grass pushed into her private area. It was the worse crime scene that Los Angeles has ever experienced.

The Black Dahlia was a woman that was hungry for fame. She was a small town girl that went to Hollywood to become a movie star. She was very promiscuous and fooled with many servicemen and people in the movie business, as the story goes. She was even rumored to have had intimate relations with Marilyn Monroe. She finally met her grisly fate to an unknown killer. The Black Dahlia was playing Russian Roulette with her life by being a free spirit and trusting strangers. One of those strangers took her life in a horrific way.

For More Information about the Black Dahlia

Now that we looked into the history of these infamous cases, it’s up to HPI to see if we can locate any paranormal activity at these grave sites.

Our first stop was the Evergreen Cemetery. Michele Stump and I, gave a briefing on the history of the Peoples’ Temple, Jonestown & the Guyana Poisoned Kool-Aid Massacre for all the investigators. Shannon McCabe gave a briefing in regard to how to use various ghost hunting equipment, how to analyze what they find and areas to conduct their search.

Shannon and I, broke up the teams and sent them on their way to do their investigations. Tim Hawkins located the Guyana victim’s mass grave site, we all brought out our audio digital recorders for some possible EVPs. Debbie Talani scouted out a location for the Oakland Chapter Hell’s Angels grave sites. I gave a history lesson on the Hell’s Angels for the group and then we took digital photographs of the grave sites and did some EVP work. Debbie Talani took a picture of one of the Hell’s Angel’s grave site and it appears she captured some ectoplasm on her film. But after further scrutiny by Debbie, she ruled out the ectoplasm and determined it to be a glare. Debbie also showed Shannon and I, a picture she took at the last scouting mission at the Sutter Creek Palace, in which she captures what looks like a ghostly face on a picture hanging on the wall.

Our second stop was the gorgeous Mountain View Cemetery and Anah points out Section 66, which is where Elizabeth Short aka the Black Dahlia is buried. Michele Stump and I, give a brief history lesson the horrible crime that was committed upon the Black Dahlia, while Kevin Jones filmed away for Current TV. We did some more EVP work and snapped a whole lot of photos. Everything we investigated is pending analysis.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)!/groups/HPIinternational/


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