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Ghost Hunting in Haunted Turlock California

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Turlock, a town that was founded in December 22, 1871. The town of Turlock got its name after the construction of the Central Pacific Railroad. The main station was named Turlough. Turlough was a town in County Mayo, Ireland and from there is how Turlock got its name. Turlock was incorporated into a city on February 15, 1908. Turlock is mostly a agriculture town and became known as the ‘heart of the valley’ because of its agriculture production.

turlock haunted houseRipley’s Believe it or Not (a publication that I am in, for dancing 205 hours non-stop disco dancing – I kid you not) cited Turlock as having the most churches per capita in the whole US. There were many ethnic churches, like for the Sikh Gurdwaras, Christian Assyrian, Protestant, Mormon and Roman Catholic.

During the attack on Pearl Harbor the US Government placed many Japanese-Americans into internment camps all across the country. The Stanislaus County Fairgrounds became the site in Turlock that held over 3000 Japanese Americans. Many citizens see the residual haunting effects of Japanese-American prisoners from this internment camp.

One of the most haunted sites in Turlock is Chitactac-Adams County Park. This park is the site of an ancient Native American burial ground, the park contains trails where visitors can view ancient rock carvings. Some folks have reported that when they drove past the park at night, their car air-conditioners suddenly turned on and blew a blast of cold air.

Clayton O’Harris says that in the older section of Turlock that he and his 3 friends were walking the dogs late at night and came across a flying yellow orb. They watched the yellow orb go behind some nearby shrubbery. The yellow orb started to take shape of a large black dog. The black dog had fierce red eyes and it’s fangs glistened in the glow of the moonlight. The large black dog stared Clayton and his friends down and seemed to growl, but they could not hear any growling noise. Clayton and his friends were petrified with fear and then as soon as it came, the black dog dissipated into nothingness, never to be seen again.

What was the Black Dog of Turlock? Was it a demon, was it residual energy from a time long ago or was it a ghostly dog seeking out its master? Will the Black Dog of Turlock ever be seen again?

Hell House

In the 1980s there was an old boarded-up, two-story farmhouse on the south side of West Tuolumne road between North Tully and US 99. This was before the days of Wal-Mart, Target and Oak Park apartments. Thus, West Tuolumne road was still a lonely country road where high school kids went to drink, make-out and spin donuts in their cars at the dead-end near the freeway. The creepy looking house, nicknamed “Hell House,” sat boarded up about 40 yards off the road behind a high fence.

On weekends, high school kids would dare each other to run up to the porch or even try to get inside. The interior was mostly empty except for trash left by random trespassers. The stairway was located inside a narrow door and wound its way upstairs where the only piece of furniture was a heavy wrought-iron bed with what appeared to be a bloodstain on a mattress. The legend says that a woman killed her children and then herself on the bed.

Somewhere around 1987 the house was purchased and moved about a mile away and renovations begun. Shortly thereafter the house burned down. When it was moved there was a front-page picture in the Turlock Journal that mentioned something along the lines of “legendary haunted house moved to new location.” The house was built in 1913 by a ship captain named Barnes who used wood from an old ship for construction.

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