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Ghost Hunting; Confronting the Moloch Demon

Ghosts & the Paranormal – Riding with me to this investigation in the Rusty Anomaly are Deanna, Sir Wes and Mark Bales. Before this investigation got started, Deanna did a ‘sensitive’ walk-through to see where the hotspots were. The team conducted a hedge-of-protection prayer – for the protection of all of the investigators.

moloch demonAt some point of time, Mr. X’s daughter came out with a name of her invisible friend, his name is Moloch. You can read about Moloch the Demon here:

As you can see Moloch was an Ammonite god. Moloch advocated child sacrifice by the parents, so this demon god is a blood craving entity that has now invaded this family’s home. Whatever demons that were once there may have rolled out the red carpet for this powerful entity. The Demon Warrior will not look away, when a family needs help. The Demon Warrior will bring his HPI team to assist in ridding this demon once and for all.

Tonight, we investigate and seek out the truth. Is Mr. X really possessed? Does he have an attachment? Mr. X’s wife tells us that there has been strange odors in the house, black spots that appear on the ceiling. Unsettling noises are heard. Flies have been invading the home, the children are afraid of these pesky flies. Pictures of Mr. X are shown, in which he has mist around his wrists, as if he is binded by the demon. Esoteric imprints/impressions on the wall are not deemed as paranormal. Because of the age of the home, it could simply be discoloring from the wall paint.


We went into the hotspot that Deanna identifies. The hotspot is a child’s bedroom. After many, many tries, we finally capture a CLASS A EVP that is somewhat hard to understand. Watch Deanna’s video and tell me what you think the entity is trying to say. Is he saying “Howard”? Is he saying “help her”? Is he saying “Hellfire”?

What is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING IS THAT THE WIFE OF MR. X HEARD IT AND SAID THAT THE VOICE IS THE VERY SAME VOICE THAT COMES OUT OF HER HUSBAND’S MOUTH. HER HUSBAND DID NOT BELIEVE HER, BUT HE BELIEVES HER NOW. This validates that the EVP falls into the paranormal category, it can’t be explained. During the time the EVP is obtained, Deanna was constantly being touched by the entity.

Another factoid is that all of the equipment started to malfunction. All indications that point towards an occult connection.

On this night we gave Mr. X a double full submersion baptism to get rid of his attachment. I gave him the first baptism, Deanna gave him the 2nd baptism. Deanna is in training, but she did exceptionally well. Afterwards I started the house blessing and Deanna finished it and again she did a spectacular job.

With the exceptional EVP and all of the past evidence that the family collected, I truly believe that there was an entity possessing Mr. X. We can only ask God to protect them now and lead them out of this emotional family crisis. Godspeed.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/

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