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Getting Visas at the US Embassy in Costa Rica Just Became Easier

Costa Rica Travel News – The nightmare of getting a visa at the US embassy is over, for some people at least.

US Embassy costa rica 1 Those under 14, over 80 and those who have ever been granted a 10 year visa can process a new type of application for entrance to the States.

This can now be done by mail rather than going to Pavas and waiting all day.

They must send a passport, DS-160, receipt of payment, a color photo and a current visa, if applicable. The documents are then returned by Correos de Costa Rica.

Those who had a visa for 10 years that is less than three years expired can apply by mail. They are exempt from the in-person interview.

They will still have to go to the embassy for fingerprinting, however.

Anyone whose visa was stolen or lost does not qualify for this service. If those over age 80 have a cancelled, suspended or denied visa then they do not qualify to apply in this way.

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