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Getting to Costa Rica’s 2014 Palmares Festival

Costa Rica News & Events – This weekend start the beginning of the Palmares Festival in Costa Rica. This is an almost 2 week party with topes, art, music, sports, beautiful women dressed in cowgirl outfits and lots and lots of beer.  The hardest thing about the festival is travelling to and from it.  

fiestas palmares costa rica festivalIt can be a long journey if you do not now where you are going and might be long anyway with the traffic but here are the best options for the Palmares Festival attendee.

The famous fairgrounds of Palmares are located 54 miles from San Jose. That’s about an hour drive, if you leave your house early. If it’s the day of the tope or one of the best concerts, it can take 2 or 3, if you don’t leave early. The Imperial Bar is the central point and a good place to meet your group, if you go separately.

To meet the high demand, Auto Transportes Palmares will increase its public bus service to include 54 units making continuous trips. The rate is 1,000 clones per person. They will run from 4 a.m. until the fairgrounds close. You can catch this bus in San Jose, 200 meters north of San Juan de Dios Hospital’s emergency room, behind the Coca-Cola station. It will drop you off at either the south or west side of the fairgrounds or in front of City Hall.

Another way to travel is by a private microbus. This option is great for groups that like to drink. TRANSANTA offers minibuses for 14 or 28 people and includes a bottle of tequila. The cost is 80,000 or 120,000 colones. Some companies, like Buses para Palmares, offer buses for groups of up to 60 people and include tickets to events.

If you care to travel by air, Aerotour leases out a helicopter service for 3-5 passengers. The cost is $425-875. That seems a bit much, considering the gas you would need to get there by car costs only $20.

Be careful on the roads as many of the motorists are going to have alcohol in their systems.

 For more information you can go to the festival website.



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