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Getting Around The Luxury Home Tax in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica Real Estate News – Well as it is with many taxes and payments to be made in Costa Rica, it seems that a loophole has been found to help you not pay your luxury home tax.  Most likely if you have a luxury home in Costa Rica, you have money to find out how to get around paying those extra fees.

luxury home costa rica 1The tax on luxury homes program is down contributors this year because each year fewer luxury homes are built, perhaps because of this tax, and many more each year are not reported.

For 2015, the tax must be paid on homes worth over ¢128 million in construction. For 2014, the figure was ¢121 million.

The number of owners who have paid the tax this year is 4,251 compared to 4,448 in 2014.

The tax was due on January 15th and a total of ¢3.808 million was collected, according to the Ministry of Finance.

The tax was started in 2009 and will stay in place until 2019, at least.

The administration has trouble collecting the tax because it is not allowed to enter any dwelling without permission.

Being unable to check the features of a home, it is nearly impossible to confirm its value.

So there you have it, undervalue your home (probably paying an appraiser to say the value is less) and do not let government officials on the property.  

This is what seems to be happening, but this is only our hypothesis.  

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