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Get Ready for a 2016 Mosquito Carried Virus Epidemic in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – An epidemic of dengue and chikungunya viruses is expected in 2016, due to the cyclical nature of outbreaks. The diseases are spread by mosquitoes.

dengue mosquitoA more severe form of dengue is expected as are chikungunya and zika, because the population has not built up an immunity to them.

The Costa Rican Social Security Fund is aiming to strengthen preventative planning and train more people throughout the country to recognize and treat the viruses. There are now fines being put in place for those who are found to have breeding sites for mosquitoes on their property, such as open dumps or scrap metal properties.

The last major epidemic of dengue in Costa Rica was two years ago, when there were 50,000 patients, 200 with severe dengue, and one fatality due to the virus.

This year there have been 15,000 dengue cases and 4,000 chikungunya patients.

Symptoms of mosquito-spread illnesses often include high fever, rash and joint pain. Painful inflammation can also be present.

All of these symptoms should be reported to a doctor.

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