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Gay Pride To Express Itself in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – There are high expectations for this Sunday’s gay pride parade.

gay rights marriage costa rica 1The LGBTI community showed up with a group 14,000 strong in 2014. This year, there is greater openness and tolerance and an even larger number will likely come out to show support.

This diversity march has been held in Costa Rica since 2009 to commemorate the various sexual orientations that exist. There is always tons of music, dancing and signs with supportive slogans.

This year will also feature 12 thematic floats and a Pride Run. The run is the first in Costa Rica. It will be at 7:30am on Paseo Colon. The march will then go from noon to 3 and there will be a closing ceremony and concerts until 6.

The festivities will continue all night at Club El Teatro.

While the fun is exciting, there is a serious message behind it; everyone deserves the same rights. Advocate groups will push for the needed political change.

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