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Gas Prices Actually Going Down in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Beginning in the first week of October the price of regular gas could fall ¢72 colones and super could fall ¢63 per liter.

costa rica gas price decreaseThis would be due to a rebate request that was released by the Costa Rican Oil Refinery (Recope).

If the Authority Regulating Public Services (Aresep) grants this request then super would cost just ¢563 and regular ¢540. Diesel would increase by ¢7.

This would bring prices to a similar price to March of this year.

The numbers per liter might seem insignificant but it adds up. For a 45-liter tank the price of regular would go from ¢28,575 to ¢25,335, which is quite helpful. The idea came about after noticing a steady decline in the international price of imported oil.

On Monday Aresep will study the application and then it will be put before public consultation.

The official decision is scheduled to be published on September 28th and come into effect the first week in October.

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