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Gas Crisis in Costa Rica Due to a Divorce?

Costa Rica News – Yes you read the headlines correctly,  This is why businesses should never have family members or spouses in the legal documentation.  With over 50% of marriages ending in divorce might not be  a great idea to put your husband of wife as the legal co-owner of the company. That being said Costa Rica might have a problem.

zeta gas costa ricaThe Divorce of Miguel Zaragoza and Evangelina Lopez is creating a widespread effect on Costa Rica. This is because they are the owners of Zeta Gas Company and judicial orders have paralyzed half of its sales of liquefied petroleum gas.

The distribution of their matrimonial assets became a huge drama that has affected the supply of liquefied petroleum gas in sodas, restaurants, homes and hotels all throughout the country.

It has been 13 days of supply irregularity so far. The company can only cover 40% of its normal market. The firm ordinarily provides 72% of the gas for the country. That makes for the fact that more than half of the consumers (including half a million homes) are without gas. Additionally, 350 workers are in suspense over whether they still have jobs.

If the problem continues, hotels may close on the weekend. The hotels were warned that there could be shortages so they filled their tanks but another shipment was expected Monday and it was not supplied so by the weekend it will be a serious problem.

Last night the President of Costa Rica announced that a contingency plan will allow another company to distribute fuel. He emphasized that Recope has enough gas for the whole country.


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