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Future Movement of Costa Rica Real Estate?

Costa Rica News – When people look around Costa Rica combing the real estate market to find that hidden gem they are in many cases looking in locations that are already extremely developed and in those locations it is hard to find the deals of year back when the real estate market in Costa Rica was booming.  

puriscal costa rica 1There are many that just cannot afford the $400,000 condos in Escazu or the $500,000 homes in some of the developed beach communities.  I myself like a little solitude and do not mind being little bit away from the traffic of San Jose and the constant influx of tourists at the beaches.  When people invested in real estate in California many years ago they held to the common rule that growth always moves west.  The same is true for Costa Rica.

By the time you finish reading this you will want to put $2 in your pocket and jump on the next nonstop bus to Puriscal. That’s right, for only $1.30 you can get there from San Jose. Buses leave every hour from 5:30a.m. to 10:30p.m. from the Coca Cola Station which is found between Avenida 1 and 3 on Calle 16. After Santa Ana and Ciudad Colon you will arrive in a paradise!

Close your eyes and picture yourself in a small town surrounded by mountains, cloud forest, and indigenous reserves! If you are looking for a more rural and authentic cultural vacation or day trip Puriscal is your place! It doesn’t matter if you are on a budget, in a group, or an independent adventurer Santiago de Puriscal has so much to offer to every type of traveler.

An interesting fact about this town is that it used to belong to a Costa Rican indigenous group called the Western Huetar Kingdom. It was their central meeting and resting space.  There was a Spanish conquest that converted this area into a rest point for those trading between Costa Rica and Panama. It is located 30 miles west of San Jose and 2,500-4,000 feet above the sea.

In our day this town is a lively and beautiful location with easy access to everywhere because of the Caldera Highway which was recently built. With few tourists, a relaxing atmosphere, moderate temperatures of 64-85 degrees Fahrenheit, nearby indigenous reserves, and countless activities available it is a true find for a lucky tourist who passes through.  In Puriscal you have accommodation options. You may find a hotel for between 50 and 200 dollars or you can elect to stay with a local family or in a holistic wellness retreat.

Some tour operators offer a unique experience of touring farms learning how to herd cattle or catch tilapia or even see puriscal costa rica 2how sugar cane is grown and processed with Don Franklin’s Trapiche Tour. There are many other tours and attractions as well. You may want to visit a cigar factory called Begas de Santiago Tobacco Tour or any of these tours:

La Iguana Chocolate Farm allows you the opportunity to meet a family that has produced chocolate for 25 years. After this tour you will know the process of harvesting, drying, and fermenting cacao to produce cocoa powder. You can even volunteer to help harvest the organic cacao.

La Cangreja Park is a national preserve where you may find dart frogs, sloths, and armadillos along with 2,000 plant species. Don’t miss the high lookout where you can observe the more private trails. They are also accepting volunteers.

Turu Ba Ri Tropical Park is where you can zip line or try the more adventurous Tarzan Swing or Superman Cable. Have fun flying 4,000 feet at 55 mph!

Perhaps the best tour is that of the Zapaton and Quitirrisi Indigenous Reserves. Learn the traditions and way of daily life of the Heutar tribe who used to dominate this precious zone. The tour ends with a typical meal with a Heuter family.

Not only is this community a great place to visit it like Atenas is only about 45 minutes from San Jose and 45 minutes from the beach.  But be very quiet about this… can still find great real estate deals there.

One of the places we located was a community called Orchid Point Estates which has some of the best views in Costa Rica.

Orchid Point mixes beautiful nature with low environmental impact to create a quiet and responsible location at well below market value; prices start at just $5 per meter.

Each lot comes with its own title, 1.25-3 acres, and electricity and water setup. You can choose between the ridgeline with views of Santiago de Puriscal and the Central Valley or a panoramic one of the Central Valley backed by mountains.

The Lots are starting at just $28,000! You can feel good about living in an eco-friendly environment and having such easy access to the best of all things Costa Rican. There are only 2 lots left at this price so if you want one of these remaining lots drop them a line at the info below.  The movement in Costa Rica real estate is west of San Jose so might be a good thing to look into for both a home or as a future investment.

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