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Fuel Prices Increase in Costa Rica at Midnight Wednesday, Higher Than USA Gas Prices

Costa Rica News – Well it might be cheaper to drive to Panama or Nicaragua if you did not fill up before midnight on the the 26th of September, 2012.  If California was next to Costa Rica it would be cheaper to fill up there as well. Does anyone else see a problem with the fact that fuel prices are dropping everywhere but Costa Rica?

Let’s break down the numbers and see what you all think about this “adjustment in fuel costs.”

The super gasoline will be ¢ 756 per liter, ¢718 for the plus and diesel will be ¢636.

The price increases in the super ¢ 27 per liter, while the  plus ¢34 per liter. The latter is the most consumed oil in Costa Rica.

Lets break this down in $s and gallons and see the common sense of the Regulatory Authority for Public Services (Aresep). Oh yeah common sense and Costa Rica do not mix.

The price of a barrel of crude oil is in essence the same as it was a year ago, give or take $2 to $3.  The Costa Rica Colones were at 507 per dollar and now are stronger at 499 per dollar on average. (Seen Here So the value of the currency in Costa Rica has gone up.

Now lets do the math on the cost of a gallon of gas.  The two rates are ¢ 756 per liter for Super which is like Premium in the USA and ¢718 for Plus which is like mid-grade in the USA.

These prices in $s at 499 colones per $ are $1.51 for Super and $1.44 for Plus per LITER.

There are 3.78 Liters in a Gallon.  So for Super in Costa Rica you will be paying $5.71 per gallon and for Plus you will be paying $5.44 per gallon.

I picked California as the state to compare prices to as usually things most more in that state. But you can go here and pick whatever state you would like. (

In California you can get a gallon of Premium gas in Beverly Hills one of the highest in California for $5.35 a gallon, but there are also gas stations in California selling it for between $3.99 and $4.99 per gallon.

For Mid-Grade gas it is $5.05 in Beverly Hills but you can get it for $3.89.

So gasoline in Costa Rica is higher priced that gasoline in the one of the richest areas in the USA. The Costa Rican public have to look forward to higher prices and more contaminated gasoline for their on average $750 a month salaries.  Way to go Costa Rica government, way to shit the bed again.  Gas prices around the world have dropped but your have increased, anyway to make a quick buck on the Costa Rican public who will say nothing.


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One Comment;

  1. margaritha said:

    Gas SHOULD be expensive because it is a finite resource and for what it costs to obtain and produce (war, environmental damage).

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