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From Paris to Costa Rica With Love

Costa Rica Entertainment – Governments have, for a long time, been creating copies of artistic masterpieces and giving them to other countries.

costa rica from paris with love 1It is a way to share creative history with those who cannot easily go to another country. These reproductions are a wonderful way to preserve and spread our world heritage.

Costa Rica had acquired, in 1897, a set of sculpture copies made with plaster cast as well as lithographic plates from France to be used as a teaching resource in the National School of Fine Arts.

The collection is on display once again at the National Museum, this time as part of the 75th anniversary of UCR celebration. The exhibit contains 73 sculptures and 27 drawing reproductions.

This exhibition is called “From Paris to San Jose” and is UCR’s oldest collection.

These copies of masterpieces give us a glimpse into ancient Egypt, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and Neoclassical times, and the Western take on Greco-Roman styles.

The collection has been restored and we can see some of the best pieces.

By Daniel Chambers, Costa Rica

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