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French Culture Being Shared in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – The French Alliance and French Embassy, along with help from the embassies of Canada, Switzerland, Haiti, Belgium, Monaco and Lebanon, are bringing special events to Costa Rica this month in order to share French culture.

french culture costa ricaSome activities will be free while others have a small fee.

The Digital Library of the French Institute will be opened to provide magazines and newspapers and works of authors such as Roland Barthes and Patrick Modiano. Many concerts from Paris will be accessible.

The next concert will be on the 20th of March. The Lebanese artist Abaji will be visiting.

There is hope that this event will serve as a window to Europe, North America and Africa and strengthen the teaching of French in the country.

This event, celebrated each March, is known as Francophone. Francophone is an international organization (OIF) Costa Rica joined last November as an observer.

The OIF estamated that 270 million people speak French.

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